Submit Abstract

(Complete separate forms if you are submitting more than one abstract)
Deadline: 9th September 2019
Announcement of Selected Abstracts 16th September 2019

Abstracts must be on urban areas across all sectors and disciplines with climate change focus.

Abstracts should be concise with clear lessons to be shared.

Abstracts should not contain literature citations, much data, or meaningless clauses such as “We discuss results…” or “We summarize implications…”, “………. will be discussed, or will be presented or will be shown”.

Clearly defined urban issue with links to climate change.

Information used can have a global perspective but lesson for Africa must be clearly stated.

The abstract should have a precise title (15 words max), and self-explanatory.

Abstract must be grammatically correct, have clear outcomes, related to theme and logical conclusion.

The results should demonstrate high level of innovation for lesson upscale.

There are two categories of submissions: (1) Oral Presentations, (2) Panel Presentations. The main text of abstracts for Oral Presentations must not exceed 300 words  and 250 words for Panels, written in simple, clear and non-technical language. 

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