Accra, the Ghanaian capital city is served by the only international airport, the Kotoka International Airport [KIA]. For more information on KIA and Ghana, visit

The conference venue is the University of Ghana main campus, located in the Legon suburb of Accra, situated about twelve kilometres north-east of the central business district, and only 10 minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport. Visit

Yellow fever vaccination requirement: Yellow fever is an acute viral infection transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. It is endemic and epidemic in several countries in Africa, South America and Caribbean Islands. Case fatality rate is high in classic yellow fever epidemics. There is no curative medical treatment but however highly preventable by vaccination. In accordance with the International Health Regulations IHR2005 which involves

  • Article 36 (Certification of vaccination or other prophylaxis)
  • Annex 6 (Vaccination, prophylaxis and related certificates)
  • Annex 7 (Requirements concerning vaccination or prophylaxis for specific diseases),

All travelers above nine (9) months old coming into Ghana are required to have been vaccinated against Yellow fever at least Ten days before the proposed date of travel and where already vaccinated the duration of the vaccination status should not be more than Ten years before entering Ghana. As a result, Health officials at all ports of entry carry out vigorous checks on travel documents with respect to Yellow fever vaccination certificates in accordance with Article 36 and Annex 6 as depicted above.

Visa to Conference
Ghana Visa Regulations – Entry Requirements [Only Registered Participants Will Receive Formal Invitation for Visa Application].

  • All persons entering Ghana must be in possession of a valid passport or Travel Documents establishing the identity of the holder. Travel Documents include Laisser-Passer and other travel documents issued by International Agencies recognised by the Government of Ghana.
  • Entry Visas – With the exception of those within the ECOWAS Region and some select countries (check from the closest consulate to you) all foreigners entering Ghana, require Entry Visas. Entry Visas must be obtained prior to arrival in Ghana and may be obtained from a Ghana Embassy, High Commission or Consulate abroad. Enquire about you eligibility and then the requirements. Apply very early!

Requirement Checklist include:

  • Visa Application Forms to be completed and signed
  • Colour Passport size photos (2) to be pasted or stapled in designated place on application form
  • Business, Residential addresses and contact telephone numbers to be provided
  • Occupation
  • Financial means and evidence to be indicated
  • Proposed date of travel
  • Names and Addresses of references and/ Accommodation in Ghana (if it is a hotel, details are to be provided)

Tourism / Recreation
Ghana is a land of cultural diversity, and cutting across all sections of society and the environment. The hospitality of the Ghanaian is well known all over the world, stemming from a strong cultural bond, dignity and respect for all creations. Tourism and recreation cut across nature (wildlife and forests), beaches, water bodies, heritage sites (e.g. castles), the hotel industry, festivals, handicraft (e.g. kente, woodcrafts), textiles, and many more. Visit the following sites and select places of your choice.

1. The Ghana Tourist Board

2. Wildlife Division, Ghana Forestry Commission

3. Ghana National Commission on Culture

Several web sites provide detail and diverse information for all your needs to enable you enjoy your stay whilst attending the conference. Visit;
Ghana Hospitality